Operating now in USA

Dear readers and supporters, we are now in USA, in Colorado, to set up a new good print mission that will be spread all over US. We'll stay in Denver till July the 26th. We ask you to support us in this new and very big challenge even with your prayer and your financial support. Go to http://www.lavocedidoncamillo.com/p/work-of-that-faith-culture-cultura.html and find your easier way to support us.
God bless you!


Anonimo ha detto…
I wish you every success in all of your endeavors.
I have often wished that I knew Italian so that I could read some of the books that you print. I try to keep up with some of the writings of some of your authors through computer translations, which only leaves me wanting more.
I am sorry that I am unable to donate at this time, but you can count on me as a customer in the future.

A Reader from America

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